Wholesale 100ml spray bottle alcohol sub-bottle brown dark light disinfectant spray bottle hand sanitizer pump head glass bottle

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MOQ: 1000 pcs
Packing: carton or pallet
Payment method: 30% deposit, pay the balance before shipment
Delivery: delivered within 45 days after payment
Service: products can be customized according to samples and designs, support OEM & ODM, logo can be customized

  • SET CONTAINS - 24 each : empty and refillable glass bottles, roll on inserts and screw on black caps.
  • UNIQUE - Create samples of your personalized aromatherapy blends and custom-made scents in these affordable bottles for clients in your massage, beauty or hair salon or aromatherapy or alternative medicine to give away to friends and family.
  • EASY FILL - Simply remove the roller ball lid, add a few drops of your chosen essential oils using the dropper provided and mix with a desired base oil. Select a carrier oil such as almond oil, sandalwood, myrrh or frankincense for a variety of beneficial effects and benefits. It couldn’t be easier to create your own blends!
  • SLEEK AND COMFORTING - The plastic roller ball is designed to apply your blend smoothly and effortlessly.
  • RELAX - Your 24 roll on empty bottle package will be delivered to you in a solid box carefully packaged to prevent breakage.

These bottles can be used as containers for perfume oils, essential oils, lip gloss or home remedies. It is highly resistant to breakage caused by dropping. The tightly fitting black cap ensures the content is safe and intact from most external storage factors. With the roll-on neck, it provides a profound mechanism to precisely dispense liquids in small amounts. This 10ml roller ball bottle is highly recommended for containment of liquid ointments. Applying the liquids on skin and any surface of interest is easy and effective with the roll-on tip.


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